Together, we can make a difference in just 10 minutes a week

It's easier than you think to do something to advance women and equality. Calling members of Congress is one of the most effective ways to influence the political process, and Calls for Change makes it simple and fast. Each week we'll send you all the information you need — from the right phone number to a sample script — so in just ten minutes you can make sure your voice is heard. Learn more about the issues we’re focused on.

We hope you'll join us.

How it Works

  • We follow everything from public debates on issues to bills going through the legislative process.
  • Each week we text and/or email you background info on a timely topic, a sample script, and the phone numbers for your members of Congress for one-tap calling from your smartphone.
  • You make a few quick calls, and your opinion is logged and passed on to your senators and representative. (Learn more about why calling works)
  • We’ll occasionally report out on the progress we’re making together.
  • That’s it!

About Calls for Change

We're a small group of women and men with day jobs in technology, journalism, and social activism who wanted to find a way to stand up for equality after the 2016 presidential election. Friends kept telling us, “I need to do something,” but they weren’t sure what that something was. We knew how effective it is to call your members of Congress, and we knew how to use technology to make it easy to do. Put the two ideas together, and you get Calls for Change.

Calls for Change is a nonprofit organization, and we donate 100% of our time. We focus on issues that matter to us—equal pay and paid family leave, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, health care, education, immigration reform, and other issues rooted in equality and personal freedom. You may not always agree with us, and that’s OK. We just hope you’ll still call your senators and representative to discuss an issue that matters to you. More than anything else, we want all of us to stay engaged in the political process.

If you have any questions or ideas for us, you can always reach our team at